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Centerfire Varmint for Score Benchrest

Benchrest shooting is a sport in which very accurate and precise rifles are shot at paper targets from a rest or bench from a sitting position. Benchrest shooters are notoriously detail-oriented and constantly trying to further the accuracy potential of the rifle through experimentation. The skill in benchrest is trigger control, reading the wind, and preparing your equipment. At KISA centerfire benchrest is conducted at the Salonie range at 200 yards.


  • Any non-magnum rifle .308 caliber or less without muzzle break is allowed. There are no other equipment restrictions. You can use any rifle, any rest and any sights.
  • Wind flags are allowed

Course of Fire:

  • 200 Yards
  • 25 shots in 20 minutes
  • Unlimited sighters are allowed
  • Official 200 yard International Bench Rest Shooters (I.B.S) - Hunter Rifle Targets are provided
  • Maximum score of 250, ties are broken with Xs
  • Cost is $ 8.00 per relay or 2 relays for $ 15.00
  • Shooters under 16 must have one adult to supervise them

2017 Dates:

  • 2017 Centerfire Match Schedule: June 11th. & June 25th. , July 9th. & July 23rd.,and August 6th. & August 20th.

Set-Up Time is from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Official shooting begins roughly at 5:45pm and concludes around 8:00 p.m. Please show up early enough to set up. Weather will determine if a match is canceled so please call Mike Kerwood ph: 486-8141 prior to 4:00 p.m. before heading out if the weather looks "iffy"

Competitors show up about 4:00pm,and start laying their stuff out on the benches between 4:00pm & 4:30,and need to have access to down range at the rifle range section,while the "Pistol Range" remains open. Between 4:30pm & 8:30pm the rifle range,and benches will be used for the "Benchrest Matches",unless it`s raining.

The 1st "Benchrest Match",would be for "Centerfire Rifles",with I.B.S 200 yard "Varmint for Score",that has 5 record targets,on one sheet,and one "Sighter" target,that allows unlimited sighters shot at it,during the 40 minute match. The 5 record targets,are shot 5 times each,for a total of 25 record shots,Minimum,to complete a "Centerfire Match",and during the 40 minutes,the 6th target is allowed unlimited Sighters,but you should have a spotting scope & make sure your rifle is sighted in at 200 yards. One of the things that has slowed us down in the past,is waiting for shooters to get the simple task of sighting their rifle in at 200 yards. It may be done sometimes ,from 4:30pm to 5:30pm while we are trying to set up the target stands for the match,but folks show up at different times,and there`s always someone that needs to set up a target stand & target,before the match starts,so please have your rifle "Pre-Sighted In for a Point of aim,point of impact at 200 yards,and at least 5 extra shots to allow for getting the windage perfect,on the day of the match. We`re not going to hold up the start time of 5:45pm,because someone showed up late, and isn`t sighted in at 200 yards to boot. Sunday,at 5:45pm at will consist of 2 relays ( Matches) at 200 yards with each relay costing $ 8.00. If you bring about 60 rounds of ammunition,you`ll have enough to shoot both relays,as it takes 25 record rounds per relay & 5 sighters ( 30 rounds total) ,and for 2 relays that`s 60 loaded rounds. Any "Centerfire Cartridge" is legal to use. June`s "Centerfire Match Dates are the 2nd,the 16th. and the 30 th. The rifle range will be closed at 4:30pm,and we`ll be loading our rests & rifles onto benches between 4:00pm & 4:30pm,and the rifle range will open again about 8:30 to 9:00pm

Matches will be canceled for rain by 3:30pm,by calling Mike Kerwood,at 486-8141,and calling to see if we are going to chance having a match if rain looks threatening. Any other questions please feel free to call Mike Kerwood,about equipment,or the course of fire,or also feel free to talk to Erik Berggren,the "Salonie Creek Range Master" about equipment or the course of fire

Center-Fire Matches usually have time for 2 relays, that take 25 record rounds , each and unlimited sighters for each relay , at 200 yards. Unlimited sighters are also allowed in the 40 minutes allowed for each Relay. However we stress that your rifle be properly sighted in at 200 yards ,when you show up to shoot the relays. Don`t plan on doing it 15 minutes before the match begins ,as we`ve had shooters show up with poor optics , and fail to even get a shot on paper at 200 yards , before the match began, after delaying it 1/2 hour for them to overcome poor equipment , low powered optics & poor quality ammunition, while everyone waited. Please see the extended version of my "Course of fire for each type of match". I highly recommend buying or borrowing a "Spotting Scope" (They are needed & required equipment at High-Power Matches) ,so a shooter can see his bullet holes at 200 yards ,if using a low powered scope. I also cover the safety protocols of the match commands at both Rim-Fire & Center-Fire matches , so shooters know what is expected , without surprises. If anyone needs to borrow sand bag rests for the rear or front rests with bags that match the fore-end, all anyone has to do is ask a day before the match & I`m happy to accommodate them. If you have questions , please feel free to call me at (907) 486-8141 HM. Or if it`s questionable weather (Bench rest Rifles aren`t Parkerized ,or specially treated to prevent corrosion) Please call my cell phone , if it`s 4:00pm or after @ 654-4535 , as I`ll have a decision on the weather by 4:00pm always , especially if we have to cancel. The pistol range is always open during "Benchrest Matches" and we usually give folks about 15-20 minutes to wrap up their rifle shooting , before we go down range to set up target stands or wind flags , for the match. Mike Kerwood

Thanks Mike Kerwood

2016 Benchrest Report: The following is a report of Centerfire Rifle Matches , (attendance & scores) held during the summer months at Salonie Creek Range, Kodiak Alaska ,during 2016. As Prepared by Mike Kerwood Match Director.

Center Fire Match # 1July 24th. 1st Relay: All 200 yd "Varmint For Score" Format
1st. Mike Kerwood 250-4X
2nd. Erik Berggren 237-4X
3rd Hamilton Long 230-0X

2nd Relay: 1st. Mike Kerwood 248-8X
2nd Erik Berggren 238-2X

Center Fire Match # 2 August 7th
1st Relay: All 200yd "Varmint For Score" Format
1st. George Kimball 249-13X
2nd Mike Kerwood 249-11X
3rd Erik Berggren 233-1X
2nd Relay:
1st George Kimball 248-11X
2nd Mike Kerwood 248-6X
3rd.Erik Berggren 236-2X

Matches were held only in July & August ,as the new roof wasn`t completed until the 3rd of July 2016. Many thanks to those who volunteered to build that structure, that benefits all of us. While it helps with rain that is just a "Occasional Showers " that used to make us cancel,we still don`t hold matches that present "Steady State Precipitation" as the paper targets are impossible to score after being thoroughly wet.

We had a total of 10 Entries for 4 Rim Fire matches @ $8.00 each for total of $ 80.00 and Total of 11 entries for 2 Center Fire matches @ $8.00 each for total of $ 88.00 dollars The total for both is 21 entries for 6 matches for gross income of $ 126.00 for the season

I`d like to raise entry fees to at least $8.00 this year ( $ 8.00 per Rim Fire & $ 8.00 per relay for Center Fire) and have that reflected on the club web site. I`d also like to have a "Monthly Calendar" format printed for Salonie Creek Range Web-Site ,showing that the rifle range is closed on Sunday evenings from 4:30pm to 8:00pm, and the corresponding Rim Fire or Center Fire match that`s being held on each Sunday evening. That way members don`t have to click on the "Rifle Matches Link" to see if the range is open or closed to competitions,or what rifle to bring for a particular Sunday or Match. If it`s on the calendar,maybe more shooters will consider being at the range to watch or compete if they`re going to be out there at the same time,or wait until an event is over before driving out there to shoot.
I`d also like to propose that a new sign be made, for the locked gate, That reads "Match in Progress", Pistol Range open. This would replace the one that was missing during 2016 and used to hang on the telephone pole next to the gate. If the gate is Unlocked for competitors it wouldn`t be as visible to hang a sign on the gate that`s parallel the road.