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"They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."

Last words of Major General John Sedgwick as he was shot by Confederate Sharpshooter Sgt. Grace at 1000 yards. 1864

F-Class and Mid-Range Prone Competition

2016 schedule will be out soon. We are still waiting for the range to finish canopy construction. We will shoot 4-5 matches this year from May to August on Sundays. Course of fire is 300 yards, unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record in 25 minutes fired on target NRA-MR63FC followed by 500 yards, unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record in 25 minutes fired on target NRA-MR65FC. You will shoot in the prone position with a front rest, bipod, or a sling. Rear bags are allowed. Any center fire rifle from 22 to 35 caliber with our without optics. Muzzle brakes are normally not allowed in NRA matches however the group has decided to allow them for now. Telescopic sights and red dots are allowed. If you have a qualified rifle you can shoot in the Field Target Rifle category (F-T/R). This requires a .223 or .308 cartridge with a bipod and rear bag.

For iron sight shooters it's called Mid Range Prone. Everything is the same as F-Class except you use iron sights and a sling. No rear bag is allowed. The targets are MR-63 and MR-65 which is one ring up from F-Class. A 9 in F-Class would score as a 10 in Prone.

Match Schedule

2015 dates are the last Sunday of every month April - Sept. Registration begins at 8:00 am (9:00 in Sept) and we usually finish around 2:00 -3:00 pm. Please contact Neil Moomey 907-539-1860 so I have an idea of how many shooters we will have.

Registration and squadding will take place at the 300 yard line. Additional items to bring: a mat or carpet to lay on, spotting scope or binoculars for scoring, chamber flag (I have a few I can hand out), shooting stool (optional), lunch, water, bug spray, sun lotion, and a good attitude. Please contact me if you are interested in F-Class. Neil Moomey 907-539-1860.

NRA Rulebook

One of the distinctive features of High Power competition in the USA is the ranking system. Climbing the ladder is one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of this sport. In many ways you are competing against yourself and striving for self improvement. Once you attain a new classification the NRA will mail you a classification card and some decal stickers that you can proudly display on your rifle case or gear box.

MarksmanSharpshooterExpertMasterHigh Master
Below 91.4991.50 to 93.99994.00 to 96.4996.50 to 97.9998.00 and above

Mid-Range Prone:
MarksmanSharpshooterExpertMasterHigh Master
Below 92.0092.00 to 94.4994.50 to 96.9997.00 to 98.4998.50 and above

F-Class at Camp Grayling

The USA F-Class team shooting F-Open class at 600 yds.

Bryan Litz shooting Field Target Rifle (F-T/R) class with a .308 and bipod.