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The Practical Defensive Pistol (PDP) is a KISA sponsored pistol shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters. It was founded in 2014 and inspired by IDPA but without the membership and certification restrictions. KISA hosts the local PDP events at the Monashka Indoor Range (see calendar of events). The rules are similar to IDPA however since there will be no official affiliation with IDPA we are changing the name to Practical Defensive Pistol (PDP). Mike Bersin and Chris Mix will be running the matches this year. They will be Saturday evenings 1900-2100ish. There will be two matches a month, typically every other weekend. However with both members being active duty they may be two weekends in a row when needed. Scoring will be IDPA and rules and regs will be mostly IDPA.

What will you need? Well, this is based on the principle of Concealed Carry. So you will need a pistol that you would carry on a normal basis. So those .50 Desert Eagles and Walther p22's are probably not what you should be shooting. These should all be standard service grade pistols (No Race guns). We prefer they be .380-.45 ACP Semi-Auto. However if you carry a revolver on a normal basis use that, though you may be at a disadvantage. Night sights are welcome and encouraged. All pistols must be in safe operating condition with no modifications that would bypass any of the manufactures safeties, (example: do not rubber band the grip safety down on your XD or 1911, If you don't want a grip safety go buy something else.)

Magazines/ speed loaders- The standard mag capacity is 10 rounds. Some courses of fire may require up to 20 rounds. So if your magazine only holds 7 rounds you will need a minimum of 3 magazines. If your magazine holds more than 10 rounds you will only be allowed to load up to 10 for the course of fire, (that is to force you to perform a reload). If you are running a revolver and speed loaders you may need up to 4 speed loaders depending on the capacity of your cylinder. You will also need someway to secure and carry your mags or speed loaders on your body, without them falling out of your pockets.

Holsters- You will need a good quality holster that will retain your firearm during movement. It must be belt mounted and concealable by a jacket, no thigh rigs and no cross draw holsters. They may be IWB or OWB as long as they can be concealed. The trigger must be covered as well.
Eye pro and ear pro is obviously mandatory.

Weapon mounted lights are encouraged, if you don't have a pistol light, you will need a hand held flash light. There will be some low-light courses of fire and a light will be needed to identify the target.

There will be very minimal instruction on the mechanics of your pistol. This is a match designed to add the stress of time and accuracy and force you to think and respond under that stress, while in a concealed carry, public or home defense scenario. You should have a sound understanding of your pistol and know how to operate it/ fix malfunctions.

This season will be approx Oct- March. Cost for KISA members will be $5 per shooter per night (this is to help cover the cost of targets, supplies, and utilities at the range). Non-members are welcome to participate, but the cost will be $10 per shooter per night. Any questions you can contact Dan Williams williams3da@yahoo.com.

You can review the IDPA rules here http://www.idpa.com/compete/rules

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