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Rimfire Benchrest

Benchrest shooting is a sport in which very accurate and precise rifles are shot at paper targets from a rest or bench from a sitting position. Benchrest shooters are notoriously detail-oriented and constantly trying to further the accuracy potential of the rifle through experimentation. The skill in benchrest is trigger control, reading the wind, and preparing your equipment. At KISA rimfire benchrest is conducted at the Salonie range at 50 and 100 yards.


  • Any 17-22 caliber rimfire rifle is allowed. There are no other equipment restrictions. You can use any rifle, any rest and any sights.
  • Wind flags are allowed

Course of Fire:

  • 50 Yards, 20 shots in 20 minutes
  • 100 Yards, 20 shots in 20 minutes
  • Unlimited sighters are allowed
  • Official NRA 50 and 100 yard small bore targets are provided
  • Maximum score of 400, ties are broken with Xs
  • Cost is $ 8.00 per relay or 2 relays for $ 15.00
  • Shooters under 16 must have one adult to supervise them

2017 Dates:

  • 2018 Dates for Rim-Fire Rifle Matches. June 3rd & 17th. July1st.,15th. and 29th. Aug. 12th & 26th

Match start time is 5:30 p.m. and concludes around 8:30 p.m. Please show up early enought to set up. Weather will determine if a match is canceled so please call Mike Kerwood ph: 486-8141 prior to 4:00 p.m. before heading out if the weather looks "iffy."

The following is a report of Rimfire Rifle Matches , (attendance & scores) held during the summer months at Salonie Creek Range, Kodiak Alaska ,during 2017. As Prepared by Mike Kerwood Match Director.

Rim-Fire Match # 1 June 4th. 2017
1st. Erik Berggren 50yd 200-15X,100yd 199-11X total 399-26X,
2nd Michael Kerwood 50yd 200-17X, 100yd 198-15X total 398-32X

Rim-Fire Match # 2 July 30th. 2017
1st. Michael Kerwood 50yd 200-19X 100yd 196-5X total 396-24X
2nd Erik Berggren 50yd 199-11X, 100yd 197-9X total 396-20X
3rd Ken Cameron 50yd 194-9X, 100yd 195-5X total 391-14X
4th. Billy Juhlin 50yd 198-11X 100yd. 188-4X total 386-15X
5th. Al Juhlin 50yd 194-3X 100yd 182-2X total 376-5X

Rim-Fire Match # 3 Aug.13th 2017
1st. Mike Kerwood 50yd-200-17X 100yd 200-12X total 400-29X
2nd.Erik Berggren 50yd 200-17X 100yd 199-12X total 399-29X
3rd.George Kimball 50yd-200-16X 100yd 198-13x total 398-29X
4th.Ken Cameron 50yd 197-2X 100yd 199-10X total 396-12X
5th.Billy Juhlin 50yd 200-16X 100yd 195-4X total 395-20X
6th Pat Juhlin 50yd-195-9X 100yd 183-2X Total 378-11X
7th. Al Juhlin 50yd 164-1X 100yd DNF Total 164-1X

Rim-Fire # 4 Aug. 27th 2017
1st.Erik.Berggren 50yd 200-19X, 100yd 200-12X total 400-31X,
2nd. Mike Kerwood 50yd 200-17X, 100yd 199-14X total 399-31X,
3rd Jesse Juhlin 50yd 199-12X,100yd 196-7X total 395-19X,
4th.Ken Cameron 50yd 197-12X, 100yd 196-7X total 393-19X,
5th.Hamilton Long 50yd 197-15X 100yd 195-6X total 391-21X
6th. Billy Juhlin 50yd 197-8X 100yd-193-8X total 390-16X
7th. Al Juhlin 50yd 193-4X 100yd 189-5X total 382-9X
8th. P. Juhlin 50yd 199-11X 100yd 88-0X total 287-11X
Prone & Iron Sights John Selma 50yd 187-2X ,100yd 179-2X total 366-4X

All matches have a "Set-Up Time from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Official shooting begins roughly at 5:45pm , and we`re usually done by 8:00pm. Rim-Fire matches take 40 record shots with unlimited sighters & entry fees are still $ 6.00 per match.

It will take 20 minutes,to shoot 20 "Record Shots" at 50 yards,with "Unlimited Sighters" to be shot during the 20 minutes,along with the 20 record rounds at 4 record targets,and 1 sighter target at the top. Then the targets are moved to 100 yard line,to shoot 10 record rounds at 2 record targets,for a total of 20 record shots,and unlimited sighters shot at the "Sighter Target" at the top of the 100 yard target,during the 20 minutes of regulation time. All Rimfire Cartridges are legal to use,including 17 HMR ,17 H II,22 WMR & 22 Long Rifle. There are no limits on the rifles or sights,as any power or magnification is allowed on scopes,or "Peep Sights". If you are going to use "Peep sights" then please use a spotting scope,to track your shots,and not a friends High power scope,that has to swing between targets. Usually it takes about 18X to 20X scope,to see bullet holes at 100 yards. Again rests are unlimited,and there are no limits on rifles. One & Two piece rests are legal,as are rifle weights. Barrel tuners are also allowed.

Matches will be canceled for rain by 4:00 pm,by calling Mike Kerwood,at 486-8141,and calling to see if we are going to chance having a match if rain looks threatening. Any other questions please feel free to call Mike Kerwood,about equipment,or the course of fire,or also feel free to talk to Erik Berggren,the "Salonie Creek Range Master" about equipment or the course of fire.

Fell free to call with any questions @ 486-8141. The K.I.S.A Club has offered to have a plastic sign made for the gate,to warn people of the Sunday evening matches for the 3 summer months.Thanks Mike Kerwood.